oh heroine how i love you!


Oh Heroine How I Love You! will be performing at Jefferson Market Library in NYC September 7 - 15th.

Book tickets here: https://forms.gle/gL8F8mKCZdYNaoYy6

Tickets are free to reserve as a commitment to keeping libraries accessible, if you would like to donate the cost of a ticket, you can support us here: https://www.patreon.com/projectheroine

Join Cathy Earnshaw in her world from Emily Brontë’s classic tale Wuthering Heights, and be taken by her on a journey that goes beyond the confines of her book. Whether from the many film adaptations, or Kate Bush’s singular song, Cathy and Heathcliff are infamous characters. But do we ever consider the effect they have on those who learn their story?


Oh Heroine How I Love You! transports you into the book and onto the Moors, to voyage with Cathy in this interactive one-woman show. A ghostly character, Cathy’s grasp of her reality is fraught, and as she catapults between worlds the audience is taken along for the ride. You feel as if you are reading a book that has come to life around you and in being immersed in her world are called upon to assist this character who is lost in her own adaptations. In learning who Cathy is, we learn who Emily Brontë is, and unlock this enigmatic author with questions about feminist agency and the ownership one has to tell their own story.


Oh Heroine How I Love You! was originally developing in partnership with Camden Libraries with the additional support of Unity Theatre Trust and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

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Sara Page performs as Cathy and Emily Brontë in Oh Heroine! as well as being the music composer on the project



social media suicide


@IzzyBaby1991: You’re invited to a very special birthday party. One I promise you won't forget! #27Club #SocialMediaSuicide

Social Media Suicide is a darkly comic one-woman-show about the lengths a girl will go for online fame. SMS explores the legacy of the infamous '27 Club' alongside the millennial struggle with social media addiction through the perspective of Izzy, a young woman desperate for social media validation. Combining technological and interactive elements, SMS asks what it means to have an online version of yourself, and how this curated identity interacts with your real-life identity.  The audience are invited to follow Izzy’s story on Instagram before, during and after the live show, resulting in a unique digital theatre experience.

...Oh and there'll be cake!

Social Media Suicide was originally developed for the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and is now being performed in schools & colleges alongside facilitated workshops as well as being adapted into a short film.



heroines in limbo

Research and Development of  Heroines in Limbo  at Sedgehill School

Research and Development of Heroines in Limbo at Sedgehill School

Ever notice how all the women die in those famous texts? And for the weirdest reasons. Handkerchief envy, deus ex machina, starving to death to spite an ex…?

Three actresses meet in a waiting room, preparing to audition for major roles in a new play about famous literary heroines. 

As they wait, it becomes clear that not everything is as it seems. Who is the mysterious Playwright that they’ve heard of but never see? Where does the assistant disappear to? And, most importantly, why can’t any of these women remember how they got to the audition in the first place?  

Forgotten in the literary world, and of course, killed once they had served their purpose, each women now finally has a chance to speak.

Are these women genuine? Or are they merely symbols like their authors suggested?

Are they a means to an end, or can these actresses reconstruct their identities? 

Written by Nikki Acquah, Heroines in Limbo is a satirical show that challenges what it means to be a heroine, and whether or not we can (or should) reconstruct the narratives of fictional heroines.  It is currently being developed in collaboration with The Tramshed and Sedgehill School in London.


dreaming real


Currently in development, Dreaming Real is a theatrical work centered around who the fictional heroine can be outside of her story but within the context of her adaptations. Kit, a 15-year old girl has chosen her favorite literary heroines to help her through a difficult situation because they provide her with courage, creativity, resilience, and sympathy. But when the distinction between fiction and reality becomes less clear, Kit has to be her own heroine in order to move on. An exciting colorful ensemble performance set in a decaying house, this project is being developed in collaboration with Australian Dramaturg Alice Fitzgerald.